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How to Maximize Your Member Portal

Posted on September 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Sydney Dighton

     Your Members Only area is a great resource where you, as a Chamber member, can manage your own relationship with the Ames Chamber of Commerce from anywhere with internet capabilities. Whether you’re the CEO or the maintenance person, each employee of our Member organizations are able to have their own log-in information that will allow them to do a slew of actions related to your membership.

     Once logged into your Members Only area you will be met with the below options. To give you a better understanding of what your Members Only profile can do and to learn more about some of the variety of resources to explore in this area of our website, keep reading below!

Change Username/Password

     This link will allow you to change the Username and Password that was assigned to your profile. If you ever lose your Username or Password, you can use any of the Password Request links that show whenever you are asked to log in. Additionally, you can reach out to our Client Services Coordinator at 515.232.2310 to get new log-in credentials created.

Update Your Contact Information

     This link will open a page that allows you to update much of the information on our directory and in our database. From this page, you are able to update the following areas:

  • Name, address and other basic contact information

  • Directory Listing category and descriptions
    • If your organization would like to include a brief description of what services and/or amenities they offer, this would be a great location to do so. This would also be where you would change directory categories if you decide you would prefer to target a different audience.
    • Each Chamber Membership includes one listing on our directory with the possibility of two additional listings at $25/each. If you would like to have your organization listed in multiple categories and are in need of invoicing to accommodate, please reach out to the Client Services Coordinator at 515.232.2310 and they would be happy to help you.
  • Affiliation Codes
    • This is where you can subscribe to the Ames Chamber of Commerce’s weekly email communications; including our weekly Public Policy and Chamber newsletters!
    • You can also adjust your affiliation codes by using the “Stay Informed” link on the home page of your Members Only area.
  • Relationships you have to other Profiles
    • Within this area is where the Main Contact or Editor of an organization will be able to see, add, or remove “Related Profiles” of employees.
    • For example, if you have a new hire that you would like to get involved in the Chamber, this would be a great location to add them so that they can begin receiving our Weekly Newsletter, as well as provide them the opportunity to attend our events with Member discounted pricing. This would also be the location where you would remove any employee that has since left your organization.
  • Social Media accounts
    • This is where you will be able to add & update social media handles and links for your business, which then appear on your directory listing.
    • This provides individuals with the opportunity to explore your social media networks when they see your information, as well as allowing for them to like and follow your accounts.

Pay Your Bills

     From this link, you will be taken to all open invoices from the Ames Chamber of Commerce and a number of our affiliates. Each of these invoices is printable as a PDF and will list on the PDF if they are payable by credit card or check.  When payable by credit card, you will be afforded the opportunity of paying online instead of calling our offices or mailing in payment to our office at 304 Main St., Ames, IA 50010.

     This is also the location that would allow you to see all invoices that have been recently sent and paid, so as to allow you the possibility of printing receipts of your transactions from this location as well.

Referral Report (YTD)

     This link will take you to a detailed Referral Report that will show you every Lead or Impression that your organization has received from your listing on the directory to staff referrals.

     This report is viewable in two versions. The first, default version, is the view of “Total Referrals Per Month” which will calculate all referrals from all sources for each month and display as a line chart for the date range selected (in this case year-to-date). The second version is to see “Referrals By Type” which will break out to show the precise number of referrals received through each avenue of your membership benefits. This shows a small portion of what your Chamber membership does for you and allows you to see which options have the most impact on getting your business name and information out to the public.

Add a Coupon

     Our organization allows for Members to share coupons with both other Members and the public through their online portal. You can create and manage your own Coupons, as well as track their usage, by using our Coupon tool through this link. However, these coupons will be visible in both the Members Only section as well as on your organization’s Directory listing, as long as they are accessible for the public. These provide an additional option for you to list new promotions and services for your organization within your directory listing to help with maximum exposure to those who may be looking for your services. This feature is also a great way to engage users on our website and get them into your place of business

Register for and/or Submit an Event

     We host a range of events, many of which offer exclusive discounts for Members and their employees, but you have to sign in to get these deals! In addition to our own calendar of events, we also host a Community Calendar from our website and you can use this link to Submit an Event. Once we see that an event has been submitted, you will be alerted when it is added to our Community Calendar. Our Community Calendar is a free resource for Chamber members and provides additional exposure for your event, while also allowing for individuals of the public to see the range of activities put on in our organization by you and all other Chamber members.

     From getting your newest hire on our weekly email list to posting your 50th Anniversary, the Members Only Portal has something for everyone. As a helpful tool for your organization, the Members Only Portal can help further build your relationship with the Ames Chamber of Commerce, other Chamber Members, and the public. If you have any further questions regarding the Member Portal or anything related to your Chamber membership, please reach out to our office at 515.232.2310 and we would be happy to discuss it more with you!

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