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LinkedIn Tips for Job Seekers

Posted on September 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

Written By: Logan Crittenden, Marketing and Public Relations Intern, Ames Chamber of Commerce

LinkedIn is a great social media tool for connecting with other professionals, learning more about your industry, and, when it’s time, attracting recruiters. Most of us have an account, but don’t use it to its maximum potential. These 8 tips will help get the most out of LinkedIn.

  1. Your LinkedIn Photo

One of the first ways you can make a good impression on your profile is to include a great photo. Your LinkedIn photo should reflect the industry you’re in or the organization which you’d like to work.

  1. Your LinkedIn Headline

Use your LInkedIn headline is your chance to give your personal elevator pitch. It’ll be one of the first things that people will read when they visit your profile, so it’s important to get this down.

  1. Be Personal

Your LinkedIn profile is your turf. Don’t be afraid to be personal. You’re trying to sell yourself, so be yourself. Whether you’re creative, analytical, a lawyer, or a teacher, you have a personal brand. Does your LinkedIn profile reflect this brand?

  1. Showcase Your Achievements

If a recruiter has made it to your LinkedIn profile, they want to know what you can offer and what makes you a special candidate, so make it easy for them.  You can talk about why you’re the best person for the job in your summary and job experiences. Make sure to keep this updated with any new projects or experiences that might come up.

  1. Use LinkedIn Recommendations

Asking for coworkers to give you LinkedIn recommendations is a great way to build some credibility. LinkedIn will even let you manage which recommendations you’d like to make public so you can feature the best ones. Just make sure you return the favor.

  1. Stay on Top of Your Endorsements

The skills and endorsements section allows you to provide a snapshot of your top skills. Add new skills and get rid of old skills that are less relevant or impressive. Microsoft Word is probably not a relevant skill.

  1. Make Relevant Connections

Make connections with people you work on projects with, meet at networking events, or are leaders in your industry. But don’t get too carried away. LinkedIn might even punish you if you appear spammy with your Connection Requests.

  1. Keep Your Job Status Updated

If you’re looking for work, make sure your LinkedIn settings reflect this by turning on the career interests section. You can add job titles and locations that you’re interested in. This will allow recruiters to find you more easily.

  1. Create Posts

Create a post about a project you finished at work, an article that you recently read, or an industry conference you attended. Keeping your page fresh with posts will show your network what you’ve been working on and gives recruiters a better look into the type of worker you are.

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