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"It's Never About Price"

Posted on November 6, 2019 at 9:00 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

By Karl Schaphorst, Sandler Sales Training

I greatly enjoyed presenting at the Ames Chamber on November 1st!

The topic of my presentation was “It’s Never About Price”.  How many times do we hear, “Your price is high?”  Many salespeople are led to believe that if the price is not the lowest, then the sale will be lost.  However, while price is part of the buy, it is rarely the primary motivation behind the buying decision.  All behavior in people is driven emotionally including the purchase of a product or solution, and price is primarily an intellectual piece of information.  This means when customers buy, the real reason is emotional.  In other words, people do not buy on price.  Do you know why your customers buy from you?  In this seminar, we discussed what really drives the buying decision and how the sales professional can create a competitive advantage by connecting to the prospect's emotional reasons to buy.

Items that we covered included:

  • Overcome price objections
  • Why prospects hide behind price
  • Move prospects away from price
  • How to lead a prospect through a value conversation
  • Take the mystery out of the buying process
  • Close more business faster at higher margins
  • Learn a selling system/process that gets results
  • Stay in control of the sales call
  • How to sell like a doctor
  • Why is behavior more critical than attitude

We discussed the ideas of a traditional selling method versus a more systematic approach.  I hope that you took away from this session ideas and tools that will help you determine for yourself if the traditional type of selling can take you to a level of high performance or if a systematic approach is the key to more sales, increased revenues and higher margins.

If we can answer any other questions or can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Cliff Hanks.



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