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Why Alex Hawker Chose Ames

Posted on January 15, 2020 at 9:00 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

Written by: Logan Crittenden, Marketing & Public Relations Intern

Alex Hawker works in Corporate Services at Renewable Energy Group. She has been with REG for 2 years, starting as an intern. Alex started working full-time after graduating in May 2019 with degrees in Business Management and Environmental Studies.

Alex worked part-time at REG during her junior and senior year. “Renewable Energy Group is so used to working with students, and they’re really flexible with working around school and interning.” Alex also participated in several See Yourself In Ames summer intern events. She was able to interact with interns from all over Ames and see all of the opportunities that are available here. One of the SYIA events was at a winery where they provided dinner and had a speaker come talk about etiquette in a professional dinner setting.

Alex is originally from Solon, IA, a smaller town near Iowa City, and really appreciates the size that Ames offers. “It’s a good mix of small town and big town, and it’s like the perfect size. So when you come from a small town, it’s not intimidating and there’s plenty to do. And you’re really close to Des Moines so if you really wanted to get more of that big city feel, you’re a hop and a skip away.”

After living in Ames for four years and going to Iowa State, she had already built so many connections and friendships. This helped with her transition from college to a full-time job and made it less intimidating. She compares her experience to someone who has just moved to a new city where they might not know anyone while also starting their first full-time job. It can be a lot for a new graduate.

 “I think it’s really cool that a company like ours is headquartered in Ames Iowa. A lot of times if you want to work for a cool and growing company, you have to move to the bigger cities where a lot of people are flocking to. It’s really nice that you’re able to get that cool, bigger company experience here.” She also appreciates how small the company can feel at times. Alex says that even starting out as a new employee, you get to communicate with the executives. Alex also believes in the mission that REG has. “Overall, our mission, what we do, is really cool. That’s something that’s really big for me, is working for something that I truly care about. Being able to work for a company that has an important mission is really awesome.”  

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