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Economic Development is the Next 10 Years

Posted on May 4, 2020 at 12:30 PM by Dan Culhane

I enjoy looking out into the future and thinking about what is next! While the pandemic our world is enduring is rightfully creating consternation, I really like to focus on what we will be pursuing when this over, because it will pass. As we celebrate Economic Development Week 2020, I remain bullish on our marketplace going forward.

Do we lean in post pandemic or do we retreat? We must lean in and press on! We must continue to work as thought leaders, and promote them. It’s critical that we keep working with existing businesses and entrepreneurs to find the next great job-creator. Leadership will be paramount  and we have a responsibility to cultivate new leaders for all of the organizations with boards and commissions that need civic-minded people with the greater good in mind; and we absolutely must continue to unabashedly plow resources, both public and private, back into amenities to will make every corner of the Story County community thrive.

Will there by challenges ahead? Without question. But here is the real question… Do we lean in and become the community that can find ten ways to get something done? Or do we wilt at how hard things can be and find ten reasons why something in unattainable? In my estimation a community determines its fate in how it answers that question. 

As we commemorate Economic Development Week 2020, we salute our numerous partners and we reaffirm the need for thriving communities and businesses whether we are in the throes of pandemic or not. Finally, you have our unrelenting pledge that we will work tirelessly to always be the community that can give you ten reasons why something will work here in Story County. Rest assured; with that attitude our greatest days are ahead of us!

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