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Posted on June 9, 2021 at 10:05 AM by Guest Writer Guest Writer

Written By: Josie Lickteig, Marketing Intern, Ames Chamber of Commerce


Moving to a new place may be scary. The unfamiliar faces and places, and the beginning of a new chapter are certainly a lot to handle. If you are considering moving to Ames or you have just moved here, this guide will be perfect for you. By building your community, getting involved, and exploring Ames, your new life will build a promising future.

Often, when you first move to a new place, it can seem really big while you feel very small. However, by building your community and getting connected with others, you can make your community feel closer and your presence feel larger. In Ames, there are many opportunities for you to get connected with others. Volunteer opportunities are available across multiple organizations in Ames! The Fourth of July Parade, Reiman Gardens, Ames Public Library, Raising Readers, the Ames Farmers’ Market, the Volunteer Center of Story County, and many other organizations are accepting volunteers and offering you the chance to support your new community.

Another way to feel like a true member of your community is by joining clubs for hobbies that you already enjoy. If there isn’t a club for your like-long favorite hobbies, this is also a perfect time to try something new and expand your horizons! There are many clubs that involve outdoor activities and take advantage of nature, while others utilize indoor activities. With the wide variety of clubs for people of different interests, you are certain to find people that you connect with.

There is one more extremely important step to familiarizing yourself with Ames: exploring the city! Spend a day in each area of Ames. In Downtown Ames, discover the Farmers’ Market and enjoy the history of Ames along with shopping and eating experiences. In Campustown, try a new restaurant and explore Iowa State University. Up in North Ames, check out the North Grand Mall and catch some fresh air at Ada Hayden. Lastly, see West Ames and further uncover the attractions that this city has to offer.

After building your community, getting involved, and exploring Ames, you will be on the right track to feeling at-home. Have confidence that you chose a wonderful town to call your home!

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