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Ames Chamber Launches New Workforce Readiness Website

January 29, 2020

The Ames Chamber of Commerce has created a platform to share information with businesses, educators, parents and students about a wide range of employment opportunities. The website is called Future Ready Story County, to coincide with the State of Iowa’s Future Ready Iowa initiative.

Created with user experience in mind, Future Ready Story County is focused on middle and high school students, their parents, businesses, and educators in Story County. The information found on this site is designed to assist with career exploration and education.

Features include:

  • Career path exploration for students interested in various industries. These pathways include multi-level careers within the industry, electives within the field provided at every Story County high school, and education on the particular industry.
  • Collaborative work-based learning projects through the Future Ready Iowa Clearinghouse for businesses to partner with schools to provide students the opportunity to work on real-world projects and gain experience within a field they are interested in.
  • Local professional development opportunities for students and educators to participate in to enhance learning experience.

“We are excited to launch this new workforce solutions program designed to benefit both students and our business community,” said Brenda Dryer, Senior Vice President at the Ames Chamber of Commerce. “Future Ready Story County offers an excellent opportunity to enhance networks between businesses, schools, and students. Our goal is to further educate our students on the incredible career opportunities available in Story County and showcase our world class companies.”

Future Ready Story County launched on January 27 and can be accessed on the Ames Chamber of Commerce website at  


For More Information:

Brenda Dryer | Vice President, Ames Chamber of Commerce | | 515-232-2310

Dan Culhane | President & CEO, Ames Chamber of Commerce | | 515-232-2310

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