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Ames Chamber of Commerce is seeking to open communications with minority-owned businesses

June 19, 2020

The Ames Chamber of Commerce is working to compile a comprehensive list of minority-owned businesses in Ames and Story County, Iowa. The list will be used to open communications with the businesses and develop programming they find valuable.

“Developing this list of minority-owned businesses is just the first step in opening a line of communication between the businesses and the Chamber,” says Dan Culhane, President & CEO of the Ames Chamber of Commerce. “We have a duty to ensure that our community is safe and inclusive for all and to support our business owners in any way possible. By developing this list, we can reach out to these minority-owned business owners directly to open a line of dialogue and learn how we can further support them in our community.”

In addition to developing this list of minority-owned businesses, the Ames Chamber of Commerce continues to partner with local leaders to develop programming to support an inclusive community.

If you are a minority-owned business, please reach out to the Ames Chamber of Commerce directly at, or 515-232-2310.


For More Information:

Brenda Dryer | Senior Vice President, Ames Chamber of Commerce | | 515-232-2310

Dan Culhane | President & CEO, Ames Chamber of Commerce | | 515-232-2310

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