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Healthy Life Center – An amenity for all

July 31, 2019

We’ve heard a lot about the proposed Healthy Life Center (HLC) in recent months. This project is a progressive partnership that will create opportunities for intergenerational interaction, and the Ames Chamber of Commerce proudly supports this initiative as it goes to community vote next month.

The HLC is an amenity that would be a powerful selling-point in attracting people and growing our population. With the lowest unemployment rate in North America coupled with a high number of job openings – both current and planned – we need amenities like this to help make our community more appealing and inviting.  

Ames is a jobs center and nearly 21,000 workers commute into our community on a daily basis to go to work at one of our companies or institutions. Wouldn’t it be great if they chose to live in Ames too?

Access to year-round indoor activities such as a playground, pool and recreation space would be a tremendous asset in helping to attract and retain families. Consider the winter of 2018-19. A facility like this would have been a location of welcomed relief for people of all ages.

The Ames community is routinely lauded for being one of the best places in America to retire, a population that brings additional taxes and spending to our community. Creating modern spaces to provide programming for our growing senior population is not only the right thing to do but would also further substantiate these rankings.

The Ames Chamber of Commerce recognizes the urgency to continue to make our community attractive and inviting to all. People of all age demographics are needed to support our economy.

The Ames Chamber of Commerce believes the Healthy Life Center would be another powerful asset to go along with a number of other amenities to attract people to our community, which is why we urge its passage on September 10.

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