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November 24, 2020

It’s almost upon us - here we are on the cusp on the holiday season and with that comes the surge of shopping for the perfect gift for those on your shopping list. On behalf of the Ames Chamber of Commerce board of directors, my team, and myself, we all urge you to put every shopping dollar you can back into our local business community.

Shopping local has always mattered but it has never mattered more than today. Our friends and neighbors that open their businesses every day have never needed us more than they do now. So here is your chance. Pledge with me to check items off your shopping list right here in Ames and Story County.

November 28th we will celebrate Small Business Saturday. Make every effort to get out and support the small businesses that support our community. Shopping small is great way to get involved in the community, strengthen local economic development, and sustain the businesses that have been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Share the joy of the season and shop small!

At the same time don’t forget to check out the numerous businesses at North Grand Mall. The mall is a long-time member of the Ames Chamber of Commerce, is locally owned, and we have a number of member businesses there as well. These members provide employment opportunities to a large sector of our region too; and they need sales to keep our friends and neighbors employed as well. In fact, shop any business in Ames and Story County because there is a very good chance, they are supporting your kid’s team, your favorite Story County school booster club, or your favorite charity.

This is your chance! Think Downtown, Campustown, South Duff, North Grand Mall, Story City, Huxley, and Nevada - make those cash registers ring here and not in some distant distribution center in a faraway place. Whether you are a Black Friday shopper or the last-minute day before Christmas shopper – be the shopper that chooses to #ShopStoryCounty and plow your resources back into the community you call home.

And don’t forget about all of our fabulous restaurants, coffee houses, and taverns. They would love to sell you a gift card for the hard-to-buy person on your list to get their favorite meal or drink at one of our great Chamber member establishments around Ames and Story County.

We can do this! Join me in celebrating the season by purchasing from the businesses owned by your friends and neighbors and the businesses that employ your friends and neighbors.

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